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Custom Filter

Custom Made MERV 11 Allergy Reduction Pleated Filter


Ultra high efficiency allergy reduction pleated air filter with electrostatically charged synthetic media. Highly efficient electrostatic filtering material attracts dust and pollen like a magnet. Captures microscopic airborne dust, pollen, mold spores, pet dander, bacteria and the particles that carry viruses. Premium performance and construction with a high dust holding capacity.
Rated MERV 11. Lasts 60-90 days.
For more information on the AmAir 1100 please click here.

Custom Made Instructions: Only the width and length can be custom made. The depth is manufactured according to industry standards, therefore enter either a 1 or 2 in the depth box.

The width and length will be made to your exact specifications, within a tolerance of © 1/8", so please enter the exact actual width and length of the filter.

Enter fractions as decimals. Please refer to the fraction conversion chart below:

1/8" = .125 5/8" = .625
1/4" = .25 3/4" = .75
3/8" = .375 7/8" = .875
1/2" = .50  

Example: If your size is 14-1/4" x 24-7/8" x 1", as shown above, you would enter:
14.25 in the "Width" box
24.875 in the "Length" box
and 1 in the "Depth" box.

Minimum Order: 1 case (12 filters)
Custom made filters are non-returnable.

Enter your filter information below. Click on "Calculate Filter Cost". If you make a mistake click on "Clear" and re-enter your measurements then click on "Calculate Filter Cost" again. Now, click on "Next" to continue.